Starter Pack - Hydro/Coco Soft Water

Not sure what Dutchpro can do for you? Try it out with one of our Dutchpro packs. These authentic Amsterdam designed canal houses give you the opportunity to try our award winning nutrients at a significant reduced price.

Each Hydro/Coco or Soil starter pack contains everything you need to conduct a small scale grow!
Not only does this pack gives you a taste of our amazing grow- and bloom nutrients, but you also get the whole selection
of Dutchpro additives and supplements to get unmatched results.

Included as well is our Dutchpro schedule. This schedule is easy to use and is famous for its simplicity.
The starter packs come in a hard- and soft water variant. Don’t wait and take your chance today to see the difference yourself!


Plants need nutrients just like humans, and they need different amounts of nutrition during their different life cycles. During the growth phase, this means that plants need a different ratio of nutrients compared to the bloom phase. The results of using separate grow and bloom nutrients are visibly better compared to using a single feed.

Note: You don’t feed a baby the same way as you would feed an adult, do you?

Yes. Plants need nutrition to grow, just like any other organism. Plants get these nutrients from absorbing nutrients out of the air, light, and substrate in their environment. In general, the substrate contains the most nutrients. When the substrate does not contain enough nutrients, deficiencies will appear and your plants will show a lack of growth. Therefore, an optimal mix of nutrients is needed to get the best results.

It is a preference, or a ploy, whichever you prefer. Developments in the agricultural industry have proven that the use of many different products does not drastically improve growth results.

If this is true, why are there so many different products offered then?

Often this is because of two reasons.
To solve shortages within the current nutrient line.
To get the consumer to buy more product, therefore creating more profit.

Dutchpro proves over and over again, that it is possible to get unmatched results with just 4 total products needed during the complete plant cycle.

Yes. Soil is a substrate, which always contains some form of nutrition and the nutrients need to be adjusted to make sure that you do not get an overflow of nutrition, which would harm your plants.

On the other hand, Hydro/Coco is a substrate, which does not contain nutrition and therefore the nutrients need to be adjusted to make sure that no shortages will arise.

Contains the following :

Starterpack - Hydro/Coco Soft Water

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