Plant Nutrients: The Key to Bigger, Better Plants


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Revealed: 3 Shocking Reasons Why Nutrients Will Give Your Plants Their Best Yield Yet

Every grower has experienced the frustration of a struggling crop, but what is the solution? Simple, plant nutrients. Additional nutrients offer your plants another layer of health and protection to help you treat deficiencies and boost your yield.

The difficult part is finding the right mix without giving your plants discolorations or burns. This can be difficult for many growers, because they don’t know the value of quality nutrients, and no one has told them differently. Finding that recipe will change you, and your grow’s life, so how is that possible?

#1 Do You Think You Do Enough For Your Plants, but You Don’t Use Nutrients? Think Again!

The majority of growers have a basic understanding of their plants. They know they need water, light, and a proper substrate to survive, but many growers forget about the most important thing plants need to thrive is nutrients. So what are nutrients, and why are they important? Nutrients provide essential minerals to plants that will help them grow and develop. The proper amount of nutrients will help to keep the plants healthy and be in optimal condition for the most efficient photosynthetic process. There is a massive difference in the quality of nutrients and therefore do your research before deciding what nutrients you are going to buy.

Quality nutrients also boost the immune systems in plants and help them defend against fungi, bacteria, and deficiencies. An important thing to remember when picking out your nutrients is that not all nutrients are created equal. Our growing methods have become more advanced, and with that, we need to remember the importance of quality nutrients to allow our plants to thrive with our new growing technologies. Do your research, and always use a supreme nutrient brand to provide your plants with their best results. 

#2 The Money You Spend on Lights, and Environmental Factors is Wasted Without Good Nutrients

The #1 mistake made by growers is not checking in on your plants often enough. As a grower, you are in full control over your plants. You decide about the climate, substrate, light, and nutrients used in your grow. All of these factors have a significant influence on your plants’ growth and development. Because there are so many factors that growers have to take into consideration, we have to remember not to make decisions about these factors too quickly. Make sure you take the time to analyze your plants and listen to what they are telling you they need. Deficiencies are often neglected or not noticed, and deficiencies will tell you exactly how to fix your crop. Growers can have very advanced climate systems, lights, and substrates in place, but without premium fertilizers or nutrients, their plants’ growth will always be limited.

If You Can’t Keep Up With Your Grow, Don’t Expect Your Plants to Keep up!

Nutrients will always be the most crucial part of your grow. We have to realize that when we don’t provide our plants with quality food for them to grow, the environmental systems we use will not be able to take their maximum effect. As a grower, you must manage these external systems and monitor how they interact with your plants. You can have the best systems in the world, but when you don’t watch them and combine them with high-quality nutrients, you will always be stuck with a crop that isn’t reaching its maximum potential. 

Where to Find Quality Nutrients

Some growers try to mix their own nutrients (organic or mineral nutrients) without proper education or knowledge, and that can be seriously deadly to their crop. There are companies that specialize in nutrients, like Dutchpro Nutrients, to make sure your plants will have the proper ratios without guessing. Dutchpro is a plant nutrient specialist for over 35 years. Growing is a science, and if you have no real biological and chemical understanding of how plants work, don’t try to mix your own nutrients to save money. What you save at one side, you will lose on the other side. 

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#3 Making a Mistake Can Be Life-Threatening To Your Plants, Learn from the Pros

Growing can be unpredictable, and education is essential to becoming a successful grower. We believe there are only two ways of educating yourself,  “Trial and Error” and ” Self-Educating by learning from the Pros.”

Trial and error is the preferred method by the majority of growers, but it is slow and inefficient. Trial and error take the time that many growers do not have. Before they figure everything out, they will, most likely, face many of the most common growing mistakes in the world. Now when the time and the money are available, always take the opportunity to create and innovate. But when time and money are at stake, why reinvent the wheel when you can learn from it?

Self-Educating is the only way to achieve the best results fast and to make as few mistakes as possible. Learning everything from the pros can help you prevent diseases at all costs, and make sure that your plants always have access to the right amount of nutrients. Dutchpro Nutrients provides easy to read Feed Charts with all of our products, so you won’t have to guess your measurements and potentially lose out on your yield. Other sources that have had the time to learn and come out on top are where you should be referencing. Sources in Cannabis Business TimesMMJ Daily, and Maximum Yield are great options to learn from the pros or ask trusted community sources like successful growers that can give you hands-on advice then and there. 

Our Final Thoughts

Plants need nutrients. As a grower, it is your job to find the best quality nutrients for your grow. Your plants want to thrive, and nutrients are a huge factor in plants thriving along with the environmental climate. Add your nutrients, and to create consistency and improve your yield, please make sure you also do the following:

  • Check your plants daily and look for any deficiencies or excess amounts of nutrients.
    • Deficiencies and nutrient burns will tell you if you need to change your PPM which can increase or decrease the amount of nutrients given to your plants.
  • Check the pH and PPM of your reservoir and make sure that your water temperature is correct.
    • An imbalance of pH, PPM, and water temperature can cause any nutrient line to be incompatible with your plants. 
  • Don’t go longer than a week with your reservoir. 
    • The water quality depreciates after time due to bacteria, oxygen levels, CO2 levels, and evaporation.
  • Have access to the right ratio of nutrients. 
    • The amount of nutrients given, whether it is too little or too much, can cause any nutrient line to not perform to its maximum ability. Be careful to not overfeed, or underfeed your plants. Feed charts offer guidance.